Ysobel Display

A collaborative design effort between Monotype designers Robin Nicholas (lead designer), Delve Withrington and Alice Savoie, Ysobel was inspired by the inviting shapes of Century Schoolbook. Initially intended as a typeface family for setting text in newspapers and periodicals, it is suitable for any application that requires quick and easy assimilation of text.

Ysobel Text and Display, released by Monotype in 2009, are available for purchase from fonts.com. In 2010 Ysobel received a Certificate of Excellence from the NY Type Directors Club.

Weights Thin, Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold, Extrabold + italic
Character set Latin extended
Type design & devt for Ysobel Display Robin Nicholas & Alice Savoie
Type design & devt for Ysobel Text Robin Nicholas & Delve Withrington
Font production Monotype
Released in 2009

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