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Lucette is a typeface family in progress that revisits the ‘heavy top’ idea, a concept dear to French type designers throughout the last century. The family toys with the theory that emphasizing the top part of letterforms increases legibility, taking the concept to an extreme in ‘Lucette Large’, its display variant. The proportions of ‘Lucette Text’ are optimized for superb legibility at small body sizes, both in print and on-screen. The typeface features a large x-height and generous proportions, and offers the right amount of expressivity and warmth without ever compromising on reading comfort. The family is loosely inspired by a variety of designs such as Gill Sans Double Elefans, Antique Olive, and the unreleased Nordica by Ladislas Mandel. The name Lucette was chosen as a tribute to Lucette Girard, a talented letter-drawer who assisted some renowned designers throughout the second part of the twentieth century, including Adrian Frutiger, Roger Excoffon and Raymond Loewy.

Lucette is available on Futurefonts (only the Black for now).

Styles Large, Extrabold, Bold, Semibold, Regular, Light, Thin. Italics in progress.
Character set Basic Latin for now
Art direction & typeface design Alice Savoie
2020 (in progress)

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