Fred Fredburger

The Fred Fredburger family was conceived by Monotype as a custom design for the identity of a children's TV channel. Conceived to be fun, friendly and adventurous, Fred Fredburger is a distinctive family of five styles. The Headline versions are conceived to be visually striking and appealing to children, while the Roman, Bold and Condensed weights are a touch quieter in order to be comfortable to read at text sizes. All five weights are also designed to work harmoniously across five different scripts: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew (designed by Alice Savoie) and Arabic (designed by Patrick Giasson).

Styles Headline shadow, headline black, bold, roman, condensed Character set Latin extended, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew
Client Turner Broadcasting
Art direction Michael Woodruff & Daniel Ralph
Lead designer Alice Savoie for Monotype Designer for the Arabic Patrick Giasson for Monotype
Hebrew consultant Adi Stern
Designer for the Greek Bold & Condensed Francesca Bolognini Font production David Agg for Monotype Custom project

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