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Capucine is a a sans-serif design with a strong calligraphic flavour, fit for identity and editorial purposes. Initially started as a student project at the University of Reading, the Capucine family has grown into an extensive family of 10 weights. Designed to be both useful and friendly, Capucine carries a slight informal flavour due to its calligraphic roots. It is a lively design which makes for an expressive display face while remaining very legible at small sizes, thanks to its large x-height. With its 10 styles – all including Small Caps – the family offers a large typographic palette. From the delicacy of the Thin to the generous curves of the bolder weights, Capucine is a versatile choice and contributes to produce memorable pieces of graphic communication.

Capucine is available for purchase from Process Type Foundry.

Styles Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Black + accompanying italics
Character set Latin extended (Greek and Cyrillic unreleased)
Typeface design & development Alice Savoie
Font mastering Eric Olson
Released in 2010

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